I would like to create a post for questions and answers for people with specific questions about correct practice technique. So my question is this, I started relearning guitar because all my posture and fret hand technique is totally wrong and have realized that I won't get very fast like that. So, I've been schooled on proper technique and I just want to know, Should I only practice like one or two licks to keep it simple until I build more muscle memory and get more fluid motion going on with the lick. Master those first and build all the way up to a desired speed? If like a E minor scale is practiced until it's effortless and fast and clean will that make other things that I learn easier to progress at such as an A minor scale in a different sequence?
Welcome to UG. We have different sub-forums for different purposes. I have moved your thread to guitar techniques.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
The more things you learn, the more experience you get with diffrent types of licks.

So yes, with time stuff will get easier to learn. But that is only if you play the stuff you learn correct and not sloppy.

On the question how many licks and if to master or not id say learn solos first.
Find solos you like that you think you can handle, split it up so you have each lick to themselfs.

Then practice these licks at a speed you can play it perfectly, time dosent really matter but if you want to practice the whole solo id say 5-10 per lick nonstop playing, once again, perfectly.

Doing this you will have a couple of licks to work on and you´ll learn a solo you like at the same time.

But yeah, try to master those licks in the solo before moveing on to a new one.

Good luck!