Hi. Wanted to get some UG feedback for those interested in this kind of music - alternative rock with elements of grunge and post rock..

Check out our EP and let us know what you think. They're home recordings, and we definitely could've spent more time making sure everything was perfect, but we're happy with the quality.



Download is free if you like it

Downloaded the ep and liked you on facebook, you guys sound good. Respect for the quality, doesn't really sound like homerecording. At least not cheap home recording.

I'll recommend you as soon as I find someone who could like that kind of music, my friends are just really not that into post-rock. Or alternative, for that matter.

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yeah, all these message boards seem to be more about metal than anything else. fret not though, I will be your friend.

I'm listening to yr album right now.

Reckless Sex
Nice sound, everything seems pretty tight. Cool intro. Bass is solid, the guitar leads are cool. Your vocals are nice with the effects on them. Actually I really like the vocals. Reminds me of the band Unwound (who I have a feeling you might be a fan of). I wish your recording was a little "fuller" though, sometimes it feels like the guitars don't have enough 'balls', if you will.

Sick, I dig the 7/4 timing (omg I get it, like the title of the song :P). You guys definitely got talent, though I wish you had chords or some other form of accompaniment when you're doing leads. Single notes are great, but it's like having potatos with no meat.

Downloading yr ep though, thanks!
Thanks guys, glad you liked it. Appreciate the downloads as well

Yeah, we've kicked the tires on adding another guitarist, but with the response we're getting out at shows, we're probably not going to add one any time soon..

Thanks again \(^_^)/

Will be recording again soon, but here's our first EP.