It's not as long as my other ones and is more simply structured. I pretty much abandoned my usual style completely. It's simple, mostly clean. Kinda sad sounding, idk. I progged it up just a litttlllleeee in the middle of the song.

C4C as usual.
I like this...

- The end of Bar 46, change that 5 on the A string in the bass to a 3. It leads better into the next measure. (And also leads nicely into the re-intonation of the bass. I like that space between the 3 to 5 rather than simply re-iterating the 5) In fact, I'd prefer this everywhere that happens with the exception of the ending.

- That constant, off-beat kick drum is a bit annoying. It feels to me like it would be slightly more effective if it was used less often, maybe to lead to into other bars.

- That transition that begins on bar 72 is incredibly powerful. I love it.

- I hope that that part that starts at 88 can be properly executed, it sounds like it would be EPIC if played cleanly and the notes are kept clear.

- I wish there was some space... And then resolution (Or some contrasting lick/run) that happened at the end. It feels just a bit too open, but this could be good. Maybe lead into another song?

I loved this, and I hope I hear it later in the Original Recording's forum! Check my profile and OR for some of my work.