hi all, sorry for being brief and dumb in my question but im drunk and frustrated and i can't seem to work this out no matter what. basically, i can come up with parts of songs which i'll really like. which i'm really proud of. but that's it. i'll get a great few verses or whatever to a song and then i can't can't CAN'T come up with anything else. i'll simplify it down to just root notes just to find what note i could start the chorus with or something but i physically can't come up with anything. with every single song. i just can't do it.

i tried doing a song with just one chord progression and different melodies once or twice but that's not inspiring to me. i'm going to be doing solo acoustic guitar stuff and it just doesn't sound all that impressive to have no real progression in the chords.

i've also tried going down 3 frets and into the relative minor but unless i'm just a f*cking spaz it never sounds good.

how have you guys learned to finish off your songs? or...
i don't know
hopefully you'll know what i mean.
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Look to some of your favourite songs and figure out how they work.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Go into a different key? That's essentially what the relative minor is. People talk about that because it's a fairly simple transition to make, which is why you hear it in virtually every pop breakdown/bridge
There's no secret formula to it. You just gotta come up with another riff that fits.

Sometimes, it helps to develop a vocal line. Say, from a verse to a chorus. Then write the music to follow that vocal line.

Also, just listen to a lot of your favourite bands and pay attention to how they accomplish this from a musical perspective
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so what wierd things can u guys do? no not like laser vision or meat vision or something, but like random stuff that usually comes in handy
is there a rule to what key changes work? cause i figured a key change was probably what i needded but i ...... i dunno, i just can't find anything naturally to come to me.