Another song done that's gonna be released on my EP. Check it out. It's the first song on the profile, it's called Means to and End. C4C as promised. Thanks
Thanks dude. I'm getting lots of page views but no comments or ratings, a little conspicuous if you ask me. I must be unpopular haha.
Future reference, if you upload something send me a message, you always got something interesting going on.

First thing, this song sounds pretty straight progressive to me, with some more milder influences bouncing around, the math core and post metal titles don't do it justice. There is some infant creativity and originality in here that just needs to be expanded upon until it is more matured, "core" suffixes have (for me) lost any association with potential and originality, this however does not make me feel as such.

The riffs sound like early Dream-Theater with a mix of Symphony X and maybe even some Jazz thrown in there. The structure is more naturally fluidic than your other songs, which is not a bad thing, just that this particular one is more accessible I think. (That could change however, depending on how it develops)

Some of the riffs actually have a...overtone of joy? I don't how to put it, but its a striking contrast to the more dramatic atmosphere I am used to hearing from your previous uploads, which is what is probably causing me to this conclusion. I say none of this as a bad or good thing, this is a mere observation trying to be presented impartially since this current work is unfinished.

Your songs tend to be longer than the norm, a bit like mine (7 minute average, and you have some over 10 I see) so I can scarcely pretend to present an accurate assessment of the song in a broader sense, but all of this is more lenient on the side of awesome, as opposed to the side of gay lol

Basically, can't wait to hear it finished.
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.
Thanks for listening! I'll definitely keep you posted, I rushed this one a little haha.