Okay, so basically. I wanted to know how much it would cost to get a Floyd Rose installed on well, a guitar that just has a tonepro bridge and a tailpiece. (LTD GUS G-600, not the EC.) And well, I figured out it was REAAALLY expensive. So I'm wondering, how much would it be to get a Kahler installed? plus the price of the bridge. To my understanding, Kahler's don't need as much routing or something along those lines. I'm a noob when it comes to tremolo systems. Any help is appreciated.
I'd say at a completely out of my arse guess, probably $400-$500. Couple hundred for the Kahler and a couple hundred to install it. They only need top routing which does make it simpler. Bear in mind this is just from stuff I've read, I have never owned or installed a Kahler trem.
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At least $400, assuming the trem is around $170-$200.
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