I've been playing guitar for over 2 years now. I'm getting bored with playing alone in my apartment. I'm looking to join find a band on craigslist. What sort of things should I expect when I first show up? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Not on craigslist

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Whoa, why not? Is it because they all suck? Only playing 2 years, I don't think I'm ready for a super talented band with tons of experience. Looking for people around my playing level. Is everyone on craigslist retarded or something?
I see lots of No's but no explanation, you guys aren't being very helpful.
Depends on what the scene is like in your town. I think you might be able to find someone or a band who is looking but dont expect to find exactly what you want. Chances are that you'll see lots of ads but for every other type of music except what you want to play. That's just my experience.
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Edit- what you really need is a new amp.
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It really depends upon the genre so if ur playing pop or punk be sure you can play barre chords fifth chords aka power chords. Know the basic chord progressions I-IV-V. If ur looking to play metal same thing except your progressions tend to revolve around minor scales and certain modes ie Lydian, Phrygian. Just know a few basic minor scales and pentatonic, nothing too fancy. It wouldn't hurt to know a few tapping licks.

The most important one that makes everything I just told you completely useless. Know how to play by ear. And be sure to submit an original piece of music ie youtube so you can find potential band mates.
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craigslist? wtf?

be sociable and try to get connected to the musicians in your area my man, ive never heard of trying out for music on fookin craigslist
Here's what to expect when playing with a band for the first time: nothing. You're either going to do well or you're going to suck and really have to work hard at playing with other people.
A lot of the people who post on Craigslist (in the UK it's mostly Gumtree) are time wasters, they don't really have any talent, as a last ditch attempt to find a bassist my band have turned to gumtree but everyone has disappointed so far. If you've got musician friends ask around, or place an ad in your local shop.
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Just have fun with it TS

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First of all. You gotta know the people and pretty much like to hang out with them. No matter how good they are at playing it wont do no good if they are douchbags. Keep that in mind.