1. key of the song.( the tuning is b standard ,B to b)
2. does the chord progression relate to the opening riff musically? and if so how?
3. the medodic phrasing over the chord progressions starts at 0:54. do they relate to the CP or both opening riff and key of song overall. what makes it fit with the song basicly.
5. basicly if anyone out there could tell me the complete musical relation towards all the different parts THE WHOLE SHMEAR that would be great. i dont need to know theory behind solo at the moment. but if anyone knows great ill take it.

--->there also a different variation of the lead guitar part starting at 2.50 that goes to about 3.00 before turning the the normal lead part.

if anyone coul tab that part out for me or give me clues or something that part baffles me.. even though its seemingly simple