I just finished a new song today and was looking for some feedback on the song/mix. It can be found here:


I'm using a Boss BR600 to record things. For vocals I'm using the onboard mics, for guitar I'm using my Epiphone Dot Studio through a Vox VT30 lined in from the headphone jack. I then mixed everything through Mixcraft. Any criticism mixing/mastering-wise would be very helpful!
beautiful. Really nice arrangement. Although i've noticed, the vocal track has a bit of an odd reverb that make it sound that you are far away from microphone. Other than that - great composition.
I used Hydrogen and a "death metal" drum kit I found somewhere on the internet (if I knew where I'd link it but I haven't been able to find it since), and then I put the individual drums into Mixcraft and did some EQ/filtering.

and I'm not sure if that has to do with the fact that the microphones are stereo or if it's just my room but noted. Thank you though!
Diggin the overall all feel. Those drums sound super real too. Really unique vocals, I feel like they are the type that really grow on you as you listen which is something that I consider to be positive. The only thing I have to suggest is that the chorus (although super catchy) needed to have a little more impact, possible throwing the bass up in the mix on that part may help, but I dont really know

hey,the music overall is very good, i really like this one..
the starting vocals reminds me of the strokes
i think u need more catchy parts and shorten the heavy interlude part, so it is less repititive..

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