I've got a nearly new EHX Memory Boy Deluxe for sale, in perfect confition with mains PSU, box etc.

Was an impulse buy and I've not gone past the 7 days in which I can return it.

It really is a great pedal, but I just dont need a delay.

Would also consider trade for reverb and/or chorus, also after an isp decimator...
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Interested in any trades made got a mxr 10 band eq or a boss EH-2 pedal.

I am interested in trades, but really after an EHX holy grail, small or neo clone and isp decimator......

Price wise I would ask £95 as the pedal is virtually new and only owned for a little over a week....
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Interested in a V847A and some cash?

Thanks for the offer, but I'm only looking for a reverb and chorus right now
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In terms of onward purchases would you be interested in a mint (only a few months old) EHX Cathedral?

Possibly, though was thinking about the lower priced holy grail really....
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Trade for a Protone Pedals Lithium Chorus?

Nice pedal, but I'm gonna gave to pass as a reverb is at the top of my list right now
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Possibly, though was thinking about the lower priced holy grail really....

Yep fair play mate. I saw that you wanted the Holy Grail above. I'm not biased or anything but the Cathedral does the Grail thing with a few bits added on. If you're able to push your budget a bit further I'd definitely recommend.

As always it depends on your circumstances. If you do want to get involved just let me know. Aside from that all the best with your sale and that.

Is £95 inc. postage not a good price for a new pedal? I am open to offers?
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What's your opinion of the Line 6 Verbzilla?

Not sure, i've not really considerd it as im looking to replace a holy grail plus that i regret selling....