Hello, I thought that this song seriously needed a guitar solo, as I found the one that was already there boring as hell, so I made this new one. Disregard the guitar playing during the pre-solo bit, I was just messing about there, the actual solo starts at about 0:53


I will comment back ^_^
Was quite good, better than the one they had lol, I'd just work on the fluidity of your alternate picking to make it sound nicer. Also, end the final note on a slow bend perhaps.
Thanks very much, I've realised that I've accidentally made two topics >_< I can't really hear any problems in the fluidity, but I'll listen to it ^_^ To each their own, really, personality, I thought that it's best to end it the way I did, because I think it'd sort of kill the feel they are going for if there's a guitar still playing over the drums/vocal section ^_^
I like how you lip sync'd the words after the solo, very humorous. As for the solo, good job, very original but also stays in time and in theme of the song.