It sounds really good but I don't know if it really fits the song
zapatista89 wrote:

you know the music from zelda that plays when you open a chest? that played in my head reading that headline.

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dammit we're the guitar players! why don't we have all the chicks?!
some notes were clearly off (in the slow section) and i agree with the person above it doesn't really fit
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hey (:
first of all, you are an amzaing guitar player, and this is my favorite paramore song...
i think that you should play the whole song, and not only the solo + try edditing the video so the viewer wont see nothing for 10 sec, and then the song pops out, lol its sceary !!

i would love if you check my cover as well (:
hey man that was amazing! it's like a metal solo but it fits the song very well because you kind of knew what you were doing!

I really liked it, bravo to you!
I also like Paramore so it was very cool! And the way you were proud of yourself at the end was awesome!

Here's my cover of The End Has No End by The Strokes :

If you could comment it would be great, thanks!