OK, so this is not for a Beatles tribute band... I just want to find 3 talented musicians who can take over and change the face of music in the world whilst I sit back and chill. What I can offer to the band though is mediocre drumming, a focal point of jokes from other band members and witty banter with journalists...
Yeah, I woke up and thought of this great plan, I don't want to work for the rest of my life so please can someone let me ride on their talent?

OK, cheers, I'll look forward to hearing from you.
Most honest musician ad I've ever seen.

EDIT: Though of course, before you hit it big you will be replaced by a significantly less attractive drummer.
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I have love for Ringo, he's a chilling guy. But he didn't have to do much excpet drum in a way that didn't seem to be too taxing and then just chill.
Good for him, the guy got an easy ride and an interesting life!

Thats what I want!

(I sincerely hope that the joke has not been lost on anyone here)