so ive been looking for an overdrive pedal. my current gear s a fender jag and a marshall jcm 800 bass and ive started doing a bit of diy pedals and i was wondering from there 2 pages which would be considered the best overdrive...if i were to do the ts-808 would it be better to do a keeley mod on it right away? can someone suggest a link for one?


also what is this pedal for and is it any good?

also, apparently (although i think this belongs in the gear forum) the maxon 808 is better...is the a diy it for it im not seeing. maybe on another site that ships to europe

would it also be cheaper to buy the pcb from aboad and then buy all the components separately from a local store rather than buying a ful kit?
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Best mod to an 808 clone is asymmetrical diode clipping. It pretty much becomes an extension of the amp's gain.
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I really like the use of mosfets for their clipping characteristics in overdrive pedals. The ZenDrive does that so that might be one to look into. It is also essentially a TubeScreamer clone.

And just a mention... The Maxon OD808 is the original Tube Screamer, I believe Ibanez licensed it from them, so the schematic should be the same. Don't get all stressed out about having the "right" chip. There is no magic in the JRC4558, and some of the best pedals use high quality modern production parts. I know a number of them use the AD712

The JCM like pedal is essentially where they took the preamp of the marshall and made it out of JFets. I like some of the JFET pedals but they often don't sound exactly like what they claim to be.
thing is im looking for that marshall overdire...hendrix when he doesnt use a fuzz face (which i have), page, frusciante...mainly because my amp doesnt have a gain circuit as its the bass head version so its built for clean...also would an overdrive be able to drive it. Kind of stupid i know but it has so much headroom that im not that sure. Although i think it should

There is also a switch i think in the musikding scream for asymmertical to symmetrical so i think that is ok
You could try a marshall guv'nor, it's supposed to sound like a JCM 800 though i'm a bit unsure how close it is. It's definitely marshall sounding though...
i was thinking about it but i like diy pedals...i want to practise as well to get to more complicated
also...on the ts copies is it true bypass because i do not want tone loss when on clean.

i was also thinking about building one of the loops form the musikding site to accomodate the wh-10 which i will get because there is apparently some tone loss from it. would using the loop still result in tone loss?
The fun part about DIY is that you can make it non-switched, true-bypass, buffer bypass, anything you want.

The looper will not affect your tone, you may want to accommodate for popping sounds if they occur. Just buy a couple 10Meg and 2Meg2 and 1Meg resistors, if popping occurs solder them in.

The switch from symmetrical to asymmetrical is just to change the flavor of clipping.