All the notes on the g string sound dead regardless of what fret or how hard I fret it. Not only does it sound horrible, its making my major and minor barres hard to distinguish from eash other. The notes are quiet, twangy and really short. Ive tried changing strings and checked the intonation (tho Im not an expert on this). Its really frustrating. Is it something a pro setup will fix or would i just be wasting my time and money?
Take it to the shop dude, I personally don't know what is wrong with it, although it sounds like a problem with the neck to me.
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Your never wasting your money if your having someone one do a good, professional job. I would say its almost defiantly an action problem, even if you checked intonation it just might have got completely ****ed while you were changing your strings (happened to me on numerous occasions) and could also be set way too low. If your not trained at setting action, take it to someone who is, it will almost certainly fix your problem, or at least if you take it somewhere they can tell you whats actually wrong with it just by looking at it im sure, you can go from there
raise the saddle or depending on the guitar, the bridge slightly.

the g string is rubbing frets.

how to do this is in the first post of the set up thread,
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yeah im pretty such your right, it seems to go away past the 10th fret or so as the action gets higher. Im gonna get it looked at as it seems to have a grounding issue too.