Vindictor are a 4 piece Death Metal band from Hertfordshire, U.K...

We aim to combine melodic elements with old school death metal, kinda like later Death, Obituary, Carcass (circa 'Heartwork'), In Flames, Cannibal Corpse....

We just made some Live Recordings with Videos , here's one of them on youtube, more coming soon...


We also have a facebook page, here:


Treachery is an awesome song,quite worthy of a reasonably priced ticket,to me it's more progressive than techdeath for the first part at least.Though it has been before done I like the Divine Comedy concept.As a whole it reminds of the early american progressive/technical death/thrash bands,of which I am a fan so like it.Sorry for not hitting the like button,I cant remember my youtube pass....
Its definitely reminiscent of Death and Obituary. Its a little bit repetitive in the first half, and the intro is far too long. But once the intro is over, its all very good, especially once it speeds up. There are some really cool riffs in here. Solo was excellent. I love how it opened up with stupidly fast playing before breaking into something more melodic. Vocals would work wonders with this.
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Thanks guys, it means a lot. More videos will be coming soon, with vocals! Including the suprisingly titled 'Treachery...part 2!' There are 9 Dante songs in total, all complete and with lyrics but not all recorded yet

Lol we found out that Sepultura had done the divine comedy too like a year after we'd written the songs.
We have also been told before that the intro to treachery 1 is too long and will work on it, ty for the help.
Cool Stuff, Cool Stuff, The vocals are a little too...idk they sound like the guys is either inhaling or is closing his mouth and letting only a little hole through...some guys like that not really my thing....but you guys have some sick riffs, very old school, very cool, i'll keep an eye out for you guys
WUT NOW I GOT A SIG!!! (no I am not politically correct)
cheers man, I talked to the vocalist and apparently you guessed exactly right he was doing a bit of both
A new song called 'City Of Dis' is now up on our facebook page. Click on the link to our FB here:


This song, another from our Divine Comedy concept album, is fast with interesting time signatures and a breakdown/slam type thing which is super catchy
Vindictor are now in an online compilation available for FREE DOWNLOAD of over 40 songs, of varying genres!

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VINDICTOR have released a new song from our concept album of Dante's Divine Comedy. And in our opinion, it's our best one yet.

This one is called THE MALEBOLGE

Please find our new song HERE amongst others.