Holy crap these guys are good. Australian alternative/prog/rock band made up of the singer, guitarist and keyboardist of 90's band Scarymother and the ridiculously talented rhythm section of Jon Stockman (Karnivool) on bass and Lucious Borich (Cog) on drums.

I bought their album a few weeks ago (just after it came out) and saw them play live in my hometown in a seedy little bar which I have played many, many times. It's fresh, agressive, intelligent, melodic and bloody amazing music these guys are making. The vocals are deep, dark and powerful, the rumbling bass is super tight, the drums are incredible while the guitar and keys provide an excellent melodic backdrop for the rest to drive forward.

I just saw them play to a crowd of about 50 people, with 4 up the front and about 25 actually watching them. In a year or two I would not be surprised to see them at Big Day Out playing to 40,000 people.

Not to mention they're a really friendly, approachable bunch of guys. Unlike most bands of any note who stick to the back room and avoid any contact with the audience, they were all out watching the support bands and chatting to anyone who came up to them. As I was leaving the whole band said thanks for coming and have a good night.
Checked them out purely for Jon and Lucious and even though i wasn't blown away instantly, it's definatley a grower. Plus they're playing with DLC at the mo'. That'd be a sick gig!
Weird, my drummer was just telling us about these guys. Will have to check them out
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