i was looking for schematics of both of these pedulz but i was bombarded with several schematics but on comparing i found that the values of the parts in schematics were different in some compared to others so can someone give me the tried and tested ts9 and ts808 schematics i dont want to buy them because a ts9 new costs 250$ here in my country
And i intend to build it on a breadboard,is it a good idea or i should go for a pcb considering i know shit about electronics
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Do the schematics agree on the same layout? As in, it's only the specific values that are different? If this is the case you could try googling for images of the pedal's innards and match the values of the components to the schematics you've found.
Here is a picture of the TS808HW edition. And here's another one.

edit: This has the regular edition. And this has plenty of gut shots of a TS9.
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