Hey all,

There's a lot of technique questions here, but my question is kinda related to equipment.

I am trying to tweak the tone that I get from my setup and I don't know what "treble/mid/bass" really mean or sound like.

I mean, I know treble is high pitch and frequency and bass is low and mid is mid... but I can't seem to hear what that sounds like in my ears..

if I play low notes, does that only get amplified using the bass part of the amp?


Each note has all of Bass mid and treble within it?

I'm just confused ...

Thanks in advance for all your help!
Quote by timelessx

Each note has all of Bass mid and treble within it?

This is correct. When you adjust the EQ it changes the tone for all notes played.

To get started with finding out what they sound like, try setting your EQ to completely flat; no boosting or cutting. Then, try taking each specific frequency and boosting it a whole lot, or cutting it a whole lot and just listen to how it impacts your tone.

Once you kind of understand what each frequency sounds like, try setting the EQ until it sounds pleasing to your ear. Have fun with it and experiment.

Hope this helps!
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in the end it all comes down to messing with it. ur guitar, pickups, and amp all add in multiple variables. personally, i favor my trebles to be at about 3 o'clock, mids anywhere between 9 and 4, and bass to be at about 2 or 3. ur mids will really help ur playing cut through the mix. not all that long ago i would just turn my mids all the way back to get a heavy metal tone. sounded good at the time, but after tweaking, new pedal, new amp, i found that having alot of mids really makes for a much better tone.

but like xeron said, just set everything to twelve and mess with them piece by piece. u'll hear how each thing impacts ur tone and just go from there. tip for u also, if ur using a pedal, try turning up the volume/level on the pedal all the way. that will really maximize the output of the pedal