Hey. I bought a Gibson Les Paul 2010 Standard in faded honeyburst a few months ago. I wanted to look up specs and reviews for it but all I can find is the Limited Edition 2010 Les Paul. The one with robot technology. It's definitely a real Gibson, no doubt.
I was just going to link a lmgtfy link, but i always see if it has the results before i do. TS, this guitar is truly difficult to find! Gibson's site has nothing, and google didnt seem to get anything right off the bat...
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I saw an advert for on of these, don't really know anything about it though. Since they're limited numbers its probably harder to find stuff.
Searching for the 2010 was probably what caused you trouble. Gibson doesn't change their models every year like a car manufacturer might, so searching by the year isn't usually a good way to find your model. Up until 2008, few changes had been made to the Standard since 1975 or so.

Your guitar is built to the 2008 spec, so both of these sites have the right information:

Your guitar is technically a "2010 (production year) Les Paul Standard 2008 (new model spec year)", but nobody will ever call it that.
I assume its just a Les Paul Standard Plus (plus just mean non-black or gold). Should be the same as the Standard 2008 model. I have one in heritage cherry.


Body Wood: Chambered mahogany
Top wood: Figured maple
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Neck Joint: Set-in
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck Plek'd on Gibson Plek Machine
Neck Shape: Asymmetrical
Frets: 22
Inlays: Figured acrylic trapezoid
Nut Width: 1.695" ±.050"
Fretboard Radius: 12"
Bridge: TonePros locking Tune-O-Matic
Tailpiece: Locking TonePros stopbar
Pickup Bridge: Burstbucker Pro with Alnico V
Pickup Neck: Burstbucker Pro with Alnico V
Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone with gold-plated Bourns-designed pots, 3-way pickup selector
Knobs: Amber top hat
Tuners: Locking Grover keystone
Jack: Neutrik locking
Hardware color: Chrome
Binding: Antique cream top and neck
Finish: Lacquer