i've been playing guitar since last 2 years and i play anything & everything from rock to gospel.i'm quite a versatile player.i've used my friends effect units before since i never owned one before.all i used to use was my yamaha pacifica guitar and roland cube amp.i would like u to help me out with which multi-effect processor to buy from
1.boss me-25
2.digitech rp-355
3.korg ax-3000g
4.line6 floor pod
i've viewed their official websites but i'm still confused.so please help me out.i don't have any other options as i've thought over a lot and i don't have too much money.Also these are the only products available to me.if possible,send mail to me at nayansurfer@gmail.com
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My vote is the RP355.

I own an ME-25 and like it a lot. If a long looper (38 sec) is important then consider getting it.

However the RP355 has a stompbox mode that allows you to turn on and off individual FX. It's other plus is the drum machine, which I consider an essential practice tool. Also IIRC it's expression pedal can control more than the ME-25 's can. The RP has a direct amp model so you can bypass modeling if you have a nice tube amp and you want to hear it's tone unaltered by modeling.

WRT the AX3000G, I don't have one but based on my past experience with the AX1500G I wouldn't object to owning one. IIRC no looper or drum machine, but it's a full floorboard which is nice.

I have a Pod XT Live and think that it is the model that you should consider in that price range you're talking about. I'd pass on the floor pod.
Of those I prefer the POD, but I would take a newer HD than the older 2.0.

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i've narrowed it down to either digitech rp 355 or boss me-25.help me decide please.
Which is more important?

ME-25 - Longer looper (38 sec vs 20 on RP). Freeze effect. Ability to use battery power.
RP355 - Drum Machine. Stompbox mode allows more flexible realtime changes.

I have the ME-25 and an RP155. I decided to sell the ME-25 and RP155 and get an RP355. Turns out that I found a used RP1000 for $225 and went with that.