Hey. I am learning to play guitar. I have taken lessons for over 2 years which has led me to powerchords and the pentatonic and blues scale...not much theory there i know xD

Anyway as i am starting to experiment and try writing own riffs, i feel that powerchords are pretty used up :/ I mean many bands use ONLY power chords, and some bands use them often...

My question is: do you think powerchords are used up, and do you know of something more i can add to my riffmaking?

EDIT: I just realized i postet this under "metal" instead of "musician talk" ...
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tremolo riffs
diminished 5ths
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Minor, augmented, and diminished triads.

And if you don't already, learn your intervals so you know what groups of notes give off what feelings and colors
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Powerchords aren't used up, but many bands use them as a crutch, instead of varying a riff or doing something more complex they use powerchords to beef it up. Powerchords certainly have their place though, so don't disregard them entirely.

Inverted chords and octaves are my favorites, fitting trills into riffs can be really cool too.
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Hey everybody,
i'm recently in Blues music, i loved it the first time i've heard it... But when it comes to play it, it's another story... I know that the basics are in the bar chords but i don't know how to use them... Is there any tutorial or something?
You might try a sustained (sus) chord or two, if power chords are getting dull.