I am on the verge of buying an ES 335. I had an order in for the LP Tribute GT, but played someone's 335 and fell in love (with the guitar, that is). So, I cancelled my LP order.

I found a 335 with a beautiful "trans brown figured gloss" finish. It really is stunning. I guess Gibson makes a limited quantity of some finishes like this one. Question is, would this be a desirable finish in resale? I don't want to purchase something that I might not be able to get full value for down the road. Thanks for any input you might have.
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I would think so. Any of those limited run finishes are going to keep their value at least as well as a regular finish.

I think you've answered your own question with your description "beautiful." If you think it looks great, chances are someone else will, too, when the time comes to sell.
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I don't want to purchase something that I might be able to get full value for down the road. Thanks for any input you might have.

then you want to purchase something that won't get full value resale down the road

then... any guitar would work

it's rare even for limited editions to get full value. it'll be within a couple hundred of the original most likely. but just keep the guitar. 335's are amazing- if i had one (especially a limited edition) I wouldn't let it go
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I lurve my new 335..... I am actually noodeling on it right now :P

The bursts allways look so much nicer in real life as well so I say go for it!

Havign it setu[p on monday to get rid of a bit of buzz and having the silly low action raised!

PS. Thought about lookign for a used one???? They hold their price well!

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Surely you'd buy the finish you like, not one that someone would like when you sell it.
Why would you think of selling a guitar you haven't even bought yet?

Sorry - it's in my blood. I'm in the finance/investments industry. My mind always works in dollars - both on the buy side and the sell side. heck, I've owned my Strat for 16 years so I don't have a history of selling. Thanks!
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damn that guitar looks sweet. is it hard to get a 335 with a varitone?

They don't make them anymore (I think it was called the ES-345, not ES-335). It's been effectively replaced in the Gibson lineup with the Lucille.
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Done deal! Thanks for help everyone. I've been lusting for a 335, and when I came across this brown flame figured along with gold hardware really called to me.
Man those almost look nicer than the classic red.
Make sure to post lots of pictures when you've got it.