Hey all, well, I never ended up getting the Transatlantic like I wanted to....so Im at it again. I am on the verge of a Fender Prosonic. The Bruce Zinky era Fender amp gain monster with selectable tube rectification. I just was wondering just HOW much gain this thing really has?! Everybody says its "more than enough" so I just wanted to know if its the right fit for modern style heavy rock almost metal stuff ala boogie or orange? the only reason this amp is my main choice now is because CLEAN clean is a major importance to me.

If I get this amp does it have comparable gain and tone to an Orange Rocker 30? or Mark IV? (neither of which i can afford) I chose the Prosonic because of the potentially killer clean fender normal channel, compared the rocker's simple yet easily broken up at gig volume natural channel

Thanks again to ALL for your time! I know these threads can be annoying, and so can choosing the "right" amp

it does almost metal really well.
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