I wonder if this happens to any of you.

After I write a song, during the period of writing it and for an hour or so after it, I'm completely in love with it. Listening to it again and again trying to improve it further, adding something here and there or just admiring and enjoying it.

Then if I put it down for a while and go do other stuff and I come back to it, it doesnt sound half as nice, you know. It sounds like I'm listening to a song for the first time, I'm not "into it". I don't feel it as much.

It stays like this for a few days till I start getting into it again if the song is nice, except this time the feeling stays for good...

Lemme know if this happens to you too and if there's a reason for it or any way around it... its annoying that my song was so addictive before dinner and now I can't stand it :P
I usually write things in guitar pro. Then i listen to it like 500 times to come up with parts, when im finally done im tired of it and it sounds like shit.

I guess its a common thing.
When you'll think to yourself that you'Re song is perfect, then you'll have to worry. An original song is never supposed to be good enough. But that's just me.
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i used to have that problem, not so much anymore. in fact if i still want to listen to a song after i've recorded all the parts, mixed it up as good as i can and "mastered" it i know it's not too bad b/c thats usually between 10-20 hours of JUST that song.
its normal. generally, when im writing (not that im that experienced with writing), ill write a bit, take a break then write a bit more. then let it sit for a few days once its done, and then revise it.
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I used to have that very same problem, but I eventually solved it by writing better songs. I kid, I kid. I often have this problem with lyrics, not the music itself. When I knew less about music and how it affects the brain, I wrote songs that were lackluster at best. However, I've long since learned what I like to hear and how to achieve it in various ways, so my music is usually good enough to stand the test of time (to my ears, at least). However, I still have problems structuring my songs and turning them into polished products. I can write a chorus that I absolutely love, but I always return to it in frustration because I can't make the effort to write out a whole song's worth of lyrics and structure everything properly. However, I absolutely refuse to simply throw something together in five minutes just for the sake of achieving a completed project, because I know I'll just end up coming back later and tearing everything apart again. If there's any advice I can give you, it's that you shouldn't accept a piece of work that doesn't live up to your highest standards. When you write a song, you want to be proud to call it your own, even if other people don't like it. If what you've written is something that you wouldn't want your name attached to, don't keep it. Just throw the whole thing out or work on it until it sounds the way you want.

Oh, and another problem might be your recording process. Even a song like In My Life will sound bad if it's recorded by a bad singer with a cheap mic.
It works two ways for me.

Sometimes in a song I like I'll notice a small flaw. This will magnify each time I listen until I have to record it.

On the other hand there are some songs that I haven't listened to for a time which sound better than I remember.