Hi, I'm not technical like my son who works out his own guitar tab and just need to look up lyrics and chords sometimes, but what I'm finding recently is that some are TOTALLY THE WRONG KEY!

Example, look up ZZ Top's Gimme All Your Lovin, which as I've played along to I know is in D. I've tried the 'transpose button but it doesnt seem to alter all the songs chords.

Also I've tried to get Drop Dead Gorgeous by Republica which I know they play in C and again totally wrong, and not just this site-everyone thinks its D???
Listen and play along and you;ll soon find out!
I would think that some people do the song from memory ...instead of playing along with the cd .... and thus the different key.... Basically when that happens I will hit the transpose button and like you stated if that doesn't work then all I do is plug away until I find the chords I need in the right key and then just replace the chords the person has with the correct key ones.... It is a pain at times but I totally understand and appreciate the effort all tabbers take to post something whether it is correct or not....

But I do understand what you are saying....