Something like that would be helpful when I'm (attempting) to learn guitar solos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Amazing slow downer is great, but there is a small amount to pay. Otherwise type name of program + mediafire on google.
AVS audio editor is better, because it has filters to bring out certain frequencies. Only down side is that it only works (to my knowledge) with downloaded stuff or files already saved on your computer I think.
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I actually wanted to make the exact same thread.
Think I agree with toin but haven't seen the program yet, but so it seems better.
EDIT:It is better.
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Windows Media Player - does half speed
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- Slow down stuff without changing pitch. Good for learning and working out songs
Change the pitch without speeding up [good for different tunings]


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Windows Media Player - does half speed

Lol the only things I ever needed to slow down were actually on like 30% and even then I couldn't find it out easily.
Now after these 2 easier Vai songs I'm gonna get a bite of the extreme!
I'm going to play songs which do have more fast patterns.
By the way I'm a real crappy player technique wise, so I'm going to ask this to you...
If I could achieve fast playing would that improve my ear for fast parts.