OK, I've got a Behringer Vintage Time Machine, Boss CH-1, Boss DS-1, Behringer Tremolo, Double Muff...Granted, I won't be using all of these pedals at the same time, but what should be the order of my chain, let's say, if I did decide to use them all at once?

**My normal setup is Guitar+DS-1+CH-1+Tremolo+amp...do I need to reverse the DS-1 and the Ch-1?
Generally, go from the highest gain to the lowest, then time based effects. So Guitar - Double muff - DS1 - CH1 - Tremelo - Time Machine - Amp. You don't want to switch the chorus & distortion, otherwise you'll end up with a dirty chorus rather than adding a nice chorus to thicken up the sound.
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which ever way you like dude, there is no rule. Hell you can even use your pedals as weights on the speaker cone if thats what you like. Fiddle around, generally chorus after distortion sounds better and less muddy. Delay placed in front could get some nice ambience type noise while delay at the end of the chain will give you a nice clean sound thats not as muddy as up front and so forth...
experiment with what sounds good

or put the muff at the end and let it dominate your sound.