Hi everyone. I play in the folk band but lately the frontman of the band and I have gotten together to do a garage rock side project. We pretty much just try to play music reminiscent to the big come up - magic potion black keys and the white stripes, and would really appreciate it if you guys would give us a listen! We wrote and recorded all 4 songs in the frontman's basement in under a day. The quality of the recordings are not so great, but at least everything is there. We already talked to our folk band booking manager and she agreed to let us start playing bars soon on weekends so we're really excited about that. With the folk band we had to start playing weekdays and work our way up to weekends.

Anyways here's the link to our reverbnation:

We'd really appreciate it if you guys would give it a listen and like it on facebook/whatever.

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Yessss I love this. I am doing something like that, a bit harder (think Buckethead-John 5) but with same simplicity ideas and good rhythm.

I loooove it. When you record, send me a copy ^^
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I'm listening to the live version of Halo Effect right now. This is pretty tight, but why not make it a power trio?
Thanks a lot guys! Just to clarify though, when we put "live" next to the tracks it just implies that we put a mic in the middle of the basement and hit the record button. So it's not technically live as in playing it in front of people, but we are playing and singing as if it was live. I guess maybe we should have put "demo" instead of "live" or something. However, our booking agent got back to us and we now have a friday night show at a britannia arms in a few weeks (the usual place our folk band plays).

And the internet, we just like the connection were getting and don't really want to complicate up the simplistic vibe. I was working out a lot of riffs last night and we got together today and now have a total of 10 songs written, so were really getting along as far as songwriting goes and wouldn't want to mess up the dynamics However, down the line if we change our style to one where we really need a bassist then I'm sure we'll have no objections finding one. I actually play bass in the folk band so I could always fill in when recording the songs too.

But really, thanks a lot guys for taking the time to check it out. Really appreciate it!
'50s National Archtop
Squier Classic Vibe '60s Tele
Squier Affinity Strat
Gibson Melody Maker
Vox AC-15
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Dude, really like this; hope I can buy/download some of the tracks soon and slap them on my garage-blues playlist for road trips.
I enjoy this.

Especially, Halo Effect. It's a good opener.
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This my friend, is good shit. You give me Black Keys vibes, which is spectacular. Keep it up!

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