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thom i was into it until i read the latter half of that sentence

haha we should actually do a split though. We're trying to do one with Lord Snow or Atlanta (new heavy screamo band) lol I just want tons of splits
Hey Raph, don't listen to these nerds - the new Old Gray songs are perfect, especially your ones. Do whatever you want rbaby.
My name is Danny. Call me that.
I'm going to turn one of the new Old Gray songs into a guitar hero song for the new Skramz Hero I'm semi-mockingly working on. You think I'm joking but I'm not

EDIT: Also, City Orchards might be up there with the best songs you've released (fully) so far.
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I knew without even looking it up that Six Years was raphsidesong2, because that song is probably my favorite Old Gray song, tied with Vulcan Death Grip. Also,

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Just recorded this. I've got a decent bit done (as in made, not Youtubed), 8 songs atm, probably going to wind up trying for 60-80 and then putting it up for download, either separately to be installed with an existing copy of GH3,'s possible to do via torrent as a standalone with GH3.

Basically, I'm a GH3 nerd from way back when and figured it'd be fun to put this sort of music in. And it is. And maybe it'll even get people to listen to this type of music who otherwise wouldn't (doubt it).
Right now, I've got these I'm definitely including:

Joshua Fit For Battle – **** the Men in Her Life (To Bring Our Own End/2002)
Jeromes Dream – A Present For Those Who Are Present (Seeing Means More Than Safety/2000)
City of Caterpillar - And You're Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven (City of Caterpillar/2002)
Merchant Ships – Dying (For Cameron/2010)
CityCop – Street Kings (The Hope in Forgiving & Giving Up Hope/2011)
мища – A Midwinter Night's Dream (мища|We Were Skeletons Split/2011)
Dispensing of False Halos – If I Was Erased (Growing Up, Giving In/2004)
Circle Takes the Square – Same Shade As Concrete (As the Roots Undo/2004)
Lord Snow – Alas, The World Stops Spinning (Sovngarde/2012)
Raein – Tigersuit (Il n'y Pas de Orchestre/2003)
Yaphet Kotto – Highly Enlightened (Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love/2001)
1000 Travels of Jawaharlal – The End Never Comes (Owari wa Konai/2003)
Orchid – We Love Prison (Gatefold/2002)
Portraits of Past – Bang Yer Head (0100101110100011100100100/1996)
I Have Dreams –Thank You So Much for Having the Courage to Help a Friend Change (Demo/1999)
Jupiter Lander – Stars As Mirrors (Jupiter Lander/2007)
Old Gray – City Orchards (Do I Dare Disturb the Universe/2011)
The Spirit of Versailles – The Line Between Us (The Confluence of All the Senses/1999)
Beau Navire – It’s Not An Art, It’s A Myth (Hours/2011)
Lion of the North – Point Me to Providence (The Compass Calls/2007)
Suis La Lune – Utter Silence is Fragile (Quiet, Pull the Strings!/2006)
Hot Cross – Pretty Picture of a Broken Face (Cryonics/2003)
Killie – Thinking About Preconceptions (Don’t Want to Escape From the Underground/2006)
Archives – Skvotter (Decline/2009)
Snöras – Harakiri for the Sky and the Trees (Plague Waters/2008)
Loma Prieta – Worn Path (Last City/2008)
Ache, Emelie - An Apparition Towards Compassionate Living (Ache, Emelie/2004)

And I'm going to have songs by over half of these most likely:

In Loving Memory
The Saddest Landscape
Neil Perry
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
Usurp Synapse
Don Martin 3
Gauge Means Nothing
Funeral Diner
…Who Calls So Loud
Heart on My Sleeve
Me and Him Call it Us
Ten Thousand Leagues
The Khayembii Communiqué
Birds in Row
Daido Loori
I Never Knew You
Todos Caeran
The Kodan Armada
Alexander Korda
Index For Potential Suicide
Love Like…Electrocution
Sed Non Satiata
Pianos Become the Teeth
Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes
The Sons of Saturn
Wolf Shaped Clouds
Battle of Wolf 359
June Paik
Kite Flying Society
Hassan I Sabbah
One Eyed God Prophecy
La Quiete
Life Is A Fight
I Hate Myself
I, Robot
Examination of the…
My Precious
Off Minor
Nuclear Summer
Pygmy Lush
Still Life
We Were Skeletons
Aussitôt Mort
I Create

It's going to take a while, but I've got experience, I created over 200 songs over the span of six months...that was three years ago though and I wasn't nearly as busy.
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You should do an Iwrotehaikus... song where it's just holding down all 5 buttons and going as fast as you can

Right? Great going dudes. Shit's awesome.

That video (especially after the description of the song on Tumblr) is powerful shit.
I liked the video a lot, except I thought the guy (you?) acting in front of the movie screen was too much. The color was good enough to portray that emotions.

But, that's really just a tiny thing. Everything was shot beautifully.
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
I wasn't too big on just the first part, but when it was combined it was really more than I could handle. Incredibly well done.
Getting in on the ground floor, this band is cool. I liked the Freaks and Geeks sample on 'Six Years' is that a big thing in America?
Freaks and Geeks? More of an underground/cult classic kinda deal. The show was cancelled after one season.