Hi there all! I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to replace the backlights on a hughes and kettner duotone combo? I bought this remarkable sounding amp used and the lights had been removed, therefore, I have no idea where they are suppose to be mounted, how they are mounted or where they plug in. Also, what parts are needed and where to get them. If anyone has access to this info I would GREATLY appreciate the help as I already have the amp ripped apart, LOL! Thanks in advance!
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captain obvious to the rescue, but have you tried emailing H&K?
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No idea, since that's not typically something that needs to be replaced. Just email H&K about it. Congrats on the DT by the way, my favourite H&K.
Yeah, I emailed them, no reply yet. I've heard bad stuff about there customer service so I'll keep my fingers crossed but the amp is great thanks!