I deleted my last thread and decided to make a new one with the updated version of my song as well as an other song

so these are my recent songs I've worked on,
they are not yet as good as id like them to be but I would like to know what you guys think!

please tell me what you think about them and if you have any ideas how to improve them maybe? C4C
a folder.zip
well I would sure be curious if you can pull of bar 11 to 22 from Angostura formation and put it on youtube
Quote by Kirborg
well I would sure be curious if you can pull of bar 11 to 22 from Angostura formation and put it on youtube

i cant do that but sure can play it. its not that hard.. critiques would be appreciated
Dude, the songs you showed us are very original and show great talent. On the other hand, they seem extremely hard to play, and this comes from a guitarist who likes a challenge. If you can really play it the way you tabbed it, you are an amazing guitarist, but in that case we would also like to see some proof of your playing.
Just switch the enharmonic positions.
Bar 15-16 would be the most difficult to pull off though. The way it's written would make it quite a stretch in a short amount of time.

Angostura formation:
This reminds of JR piece in some sections, with a little diamond.joker here and there. Idk if those 2 are still around, as I haven't been here for a while.
But I suggest checking out both of their work on this forum to see that the comparison is a fair complement.
The riff in the first 4 bars is quite juicy. I like that extravagant harmony your impose the melody upon. It's quite strange and interesting.
Overall, I like the structure and riffage over the Consumer song. There's something a bit more solid about this song. It might be due to the jazz fusion ambiance strewn throughout. Not saying that jazz fusion makes a song more "solid", just that it threw my preference in that direction.

Consumer of quasars: Djent-y sound. The riffage is nice, if a bit uneven. It does happen to be a bit enjoyable. Definitely more of an acquired taste than anything else. I found that the most memorable section was at bar 164. The outro that followed was a bit wonky, but I guess the solo would help out with that.
Angostura formation is genuinely awesome, with some really amazing themes. I can't really find any complaints, as everything in it is personal choice without an real problems whatsoever. Also, I don't think its impossible. An arrangement of it with chord splitting and less held notes would definately be possible. My only actual problem is that its a bit too long.

Consumer of Quasars. I lol'ed at the title. Very thick sound with this one, and I get almost a bit of a djenty feel with it. Once again, awesome themes, although they seem to be spread out too sparingly amongst breakdownish sections. 139 5/4 section was great, loved the theme there. 164 made me headbob. Great work, although its unfortunate that themes get lost.

Ive got some jazz that I want to post here, but I don't have my flashdrive ATM, so I can't post...

Jazzedit: Got the song! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27179949#post27179949
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