For the past week or so, I've been considering what amp I should get, my old one is toast. So I've been wondering, is there any kind of amp (or pedal even) where I can create my own channel (with my own mix of bass, treble, distortion, whatever) and save it onto the amp, so I can use that channel, and easily press one button and go to another custom-made channel?
Pretty much any modeler will do that.
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Indeed ^

Some modeller will do that. A lot of emulators will do it like Guitar Rig. In fact if you got Guitar Rig and got the Kontrol pedal thing you can do exactly that.
I do this by controlling a three channel valve amp with a GP-8 (Any decent MIDI multi-FX will work). It switches channels and provides a clean boost if I want it. The GP-8 has a foot-controller (FC-100) so it also acts as a MIDI controller. That leads me to the next part of the system - a Quadraverb in the FX loop. The output of the Quaddy can be varied so it effectively becomes a second programmable master volume as well as providing my mod/pitch effects. When I select a patch on the GP-8 it also switches the amp and the Quaddy.
This effectively gives me an unlimited combination of gain structures and tonal colourisation. We don't need no stinking modeller!! A picture tells a thousand words:
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