Hey y'all, quick question : when I practice in my bedroom, is it better to have the amp on a small table (30cm height) or on the floor ?

The thing is when I put it on my little table I can't easily reach the knobs and everthing so it's quite awkward.

The amp is a Blues Jr, if you wanted to know.

Put it on a table or tilt it upwards slightly if you want better highs and sound spread.

Put it directly on the floor (no casters or carpet) if you want bigger bass.
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haha lol, no it's hard to explain but the table is placed under a rather low "triangle" roof, you know what I mean ? the roof that goes in a triangle ? It's right under the angle so it's really annoying to reach out in there.

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tilt it upwards slightly if you want better highs and sound spread.

Yeah do this. I do that with my blues junior and it spreads the mids and highs out a bit better. I just put a 2x4 under one edge of it.
Ah right, si just tilted a little bit will do then ? Thanks!!!

I suppose this also works on stage ?
Having lived in one of those top floor or attic rooms, it is not easy to move around when you are tall...

If you have nothing else, a sturdy chair will do the job.

Are you putting the amp on the side of the room with the short vertical wall, or are you putting it on the end where you can stand?

That is if you haven't other furniture there already?

And for a stage set up, it helps to have the amp speaker aimed at your ears and not your knees so you don't force the front row to be deaf by cranking the volume just to hear it.
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