So I'm looking into getting a les paul. Right now I got my eye on the Standard plus in standard cherry. However I kind of like the black les pauls but without the pickguard. I'm not sure which model this is whether its a traditional, a studio, ebony etc. I can't seem to find them anywhere on google shopping or even images. Can anyone tell me the exact name of the model and or a link? I seem to only like them without the pickguards unless it's a custom. I could settle for the ebony with the pickguard but I'd rather have it without just like the standard plus.

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Just buy an ebony standard and take the pickgaurd off, do you have a screwdriver and 5 minutes?
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The pickguards come off you know. They leave an ugly screw hole but I guess you could remedy that by just leaving the screw in by itself.
Yeah I don't want screw holes in my guitar or a random screw sitting there. They don't sell them that way new unless its the standard plus?