Is it weird to use a pedal you like(distortion, delay, chorus, etc...) through an amp modeler like a Pod HD? Does it affect the signal or anything? If so, is it better to put the pedal before or after the modeling device? I just want to experiment, the modeler does have it's own effects I just want to try something new.
i used to have a floor pod, the distortion didnt satistfy me so i used my metal muff and used only the non overdrive/distortion effects (such as reverb, flange, chorus etc) from the floor por. jut chain themin different ways, see what suits you
Yeah I really like all the effects on the Pod I'm just looking for different distortion. I won't lose the quality of the pedal if I run it through the Pod you don't think?
I use an OD infront of the Vox Tonelab ST to add more gain and it sounds good, but distortion pedals make it very fuzzy
There are many variables involved. So really you just need to try it. A lot depends on your amp and what tones you are looking for at the time. You may want to bypass the amp model on the Pod, but use the FX and your distortion pedal in front.

That particular combination works really well for one of my amps and my RP, when I like the clean tone from my amp but with the distortion from my pedals. If I use a clean amp model like the Blackface it messes up the tone from my amp.