Hi, well i saw this Peaveys amps and i need an opinion about both amps.
The First one is a Peavey Triumph 60 Head:
looks very good, but it would be good for using it on gigs??

And the second one is this Peavey Supreme head:
also looks nice to me, so i need some opinions about both of them or any experience.

I accept any other recommendation of amps. preferably i would choose a used head amp, my price range is about 100-300(pretty low i know ) and the genre i play is Thrash Metal.

Thanks In Advance
go for the triumph. it's tube and bound to have a better sound than the SS one. probably will need an overdrive pedal in front to get you a decent thrash sound.
ok so i will go ahead for the triumph!!
Other thing, are other heads similar like the Triumph??
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Hi, i saw very good the Ibanez TBX150H and it sounded good for me and the price is nice, but i anyone have an experience with that head?? and it will work for thrash metal??
right now
no other used heads for 200 dollars will likely compare
unless you find like a peavey ultra or something
toneblasters are horrible.
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stay away from the TBX
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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definitely dont get the toneblaster. i was thinking about triumph a while, they're a great deal, sound pretty nice, and have a ridiculous amount of gain. one thing i didnt like about them is that the eq barely changes the sound of the amp for some reason, but you can just get an eq pedal for more tweakability.

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