I got it just over a fortnight ago, but have been so busy that I've only found time now to make a post about it. It's a brand new Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77, brought all the way over from the USA. Pics! :

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Verdict: It sounds absolutely amazing, way better then my other POS starter pack bass, and I got it all for US$300, a steal when converted back to NZ currency.

It plays like a dream, nice sleek neck, great pickups, brilliant sound, build quality is actually quite unbelievable for this price, looks totally schmexy and is, imo, easily the best bass in its price range. I highly recommend it to any beginner-intermediate players on a small budget, it's simply amazing.
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There was once a wise Chinese man who said:

"All you can eat, $12.50"
What's with all these NBD's.

Anyways HNBD!
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Black on black Jazz with a maple board = pure win. HNBD man! Put proper jazz knobs on it though!
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Black on black Jazz with a maple board = pure win.

Pearly blocks on a maple board = additional win

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Damn, all these NBDs and you just happen to have one of the basses I want most. Enjoy!
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dude, that bass is gorgeous HNBD!!
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