Hey, so I kinda need some help on making these lyrics... better. My friend has yet to write the guitar line for this song, but im not 100% happy with these lyrics. but writers block has got the best of me. any ideas, suggestions, comments?

Title: Hypersomnia

Nights constantly spent alone
In a house I don't call home
I want to roam the world
slowly, my dreams come unfurled

I want to stay in my dreams
lock myself away in my mind
for this, sleep is the only means
to leave everything behind.

so blanket me in warmth, send me to paradise
the one I can only find when I close my eyes.
let me leave this world behind
close my eyes, leave me in my mind.

I'm tired, weary, I'm not sleeping enough
Pills are the key to lock me away
some may say I sleep to much
but, I don't sleep enough

In my head I find peace
everyday, the world brings me to my knees.
(havent found 2 lines i like yet)

Make the sun dissapear
I wouldnt shed a tear
make everyone silent so I can have my endless night.
It would make everything be allright.

The title was made after I wrote this all down. This is slightly different from what I have in the book... however, alot of lines are subject for change.
If you need some advice from other writers then try critiquing others and kindly asking for a return. Also, remember to read the rules of each forum before posting. Finally, welcome!