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(Don't try to redirect me to the video game thread.)

I've recently sold my 360, and wanted to look into a better video game system. Better meaning, older. I can't seem to decide between a Nintendo 64 or a Gamecube, and maybe since we have some users of the two, you guys can help me out. Which has better games? What does the pit recommended?
Nothing beats N64. The games are nothing like they are now. They are so original, enchanting, enjoyable.

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n64...smash bros~
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N64 emulator?
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N64 emulator?

excellent suggestion. the reason i say this is because of their joysticks. controllers for them are not exactly simple to find and if you manage to find a used one, i garantee that the joystick will be worn out and reatrded. i like the gc more anyways though. Twilight princess bitches.
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Out of those two, N64 all the way. My dad bought one online for $20 last week and it got here two days ago. I've been in nostalgia city ever since.

PS2 will always be my favorite console, though that might be too recent for you.
I'd say Gamecube. It's easier to find one, you don't need an expansion pack to play certain games, and Ocarina of Time was ported over to it on the Master Quest disc. Super Smash Bros Melee had loads of play time in it, and there are many other games that are awesome on the GCN. Resident Evil 4, some Sonic games, Metroid Prime games. N64 is classic, and goldeneye started a generation of multiplayer fps, but I'd still pick the gamecube.
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