I own a Jackson SLSMG which smokes. The neck is dare I say perfect for my style and hand.

My question is: I am looking at a few different jackson models; the RR24, SLS3 and the Demmelition King V. How different are those model's necks compared to my SLSMG? I know the SLS3 will be identical to my SLSMG but how would the RR24 and DKV compare? Does the DKV have the speed neck like the KV2 and KE2 has?
Im pretty sure all Jacksons have a 12 to 16 compound radius. It's all the same.

Actually they all have the same compound radius but.

Neck dimensions: 3rd fret: .735", 12th fret: .810"
Neck dimensions: 3rd fret: .790", 12th fret .850"
Neck dimensions: 3rd fret: .790", 12th fret .850"

Nothing noticeable though.
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So basically the only difference will be that the RR24 and DKV will have a wider string spacing due to the trems and thats it? Cool.
I don't know if this helps but the neck on my USA Jackson "Shannon Soloist" is 1 11/16 wide at the nut. .750" at the 1st fret and about .875" at the 12th fret. The Jackson neck measures exactly the same as the neck on my 1999 Gibson Gothic Flying V. I'd call it a D shape profile.
Another question I have is how are the trems on the RR24 and Demmel V? Are they Original Floyd Roses made by Schaller? LFR? or OFR made in Korea or China or something?
lol I hear ya. When I replaced my pickups in my DK2M I went ahead and replaced the LFR to an OFR Schaller made. Best decision ever!
please tell me what you had to do to get it on? i havent been playing my jackson in so long and now have an opporotunity to replace this problem, i really love the alder tone in comparison to my 2 mahogany guitars and its fun to pick up cause it makes you wanna shred even though i suck at it

and it was my first legit guitar, even if i hit it with a hammer i still love it an wanna treat it right