Hey UG!

Lethal By Default has been my music project almost since I started playing music. We have been a band for 8 years now.

As just a bit of a back story, we our first 6 years were pretty quite and not much happened. We were young and in school(we started the band at the age of 13). Also, from 2003 to 2007 we were under a different name, which didn't work out and we changed it to L.B.D.

In 2009 we recording an E.P., it was the first recording under the LBD name, so we consider it our only cd at the moment. We must admit that we weren't too pleased with the quality of the recordings, so in 2010 we release a Live CD. We are currently doing a pre-production cut of our first full length record, set to be released sometime this summer.

Also this summer we are finally branching out of Illinois and Iowa and going to start playing shows in the Midwest region of the country.

So check us out and tell us what you think!

I listened to Man On the Moon on your website, and I liked it! i really love the intro riff the guitarist was playing. The Vocals were a bit hard to hear, but its a live CD, so that's not exactly your fault haha. Can't wait for the record!

My stuff is linked below, in case you feel like listening to some awesome stuff. I'm just going to take this last moment to point out the funny similarities in our band's names and band issues, because our record has also been really over-delayed because of the producer and our old drummer had to take a break from the band.