If I remember correctly, that's the Alex Lifeson signature Les Paul, that's all. Technically not rare, just uber expensive.

Edit: My bad, it's just rare because of the pricetag.
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The Alex Lifeson model is a version of the Standard Axcess, with binding only on the top and a rosewood fretboard. The one in the picture is a Les Paul Custom version of the Axcess. I honestly don't know how rare it is. I suppose, like most Gibson guitars, it will be as "rare" as their sales figures allow.

It looks very nice, though.
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Yeah that's literally just a regular Axcess that's price a little higher because it has block inlays and the frankly very common and cheesy looking silverburst paint job. I hear that the Axcess guitars aren't made that well to begin with too.
IDK, but it's very nice looking.
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a few of my friends have axcesses. I almost bought the Alex Lifeson sig but I couldn't try it without ordering it. They are sweet guitars. That's probably what my next Les Paul will be. They are very, very comfortable guitars and sound awesome.
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Meh, I've never understood the silverburst finish. It looks so tacky and cheap to me. But, whatever floats yer boat.