hey guys, ive been playing guitar for close to 8 years now. i actually had another account on here but forgot the user name so i had to start a new one :[.

any way, what type can i get that sounds like the rolling stones have, that keith richards sound. im willing to spend like...400-600 bucks on the amp. im playing an epiphone les paul custom.

thanks for any help guys!
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He uses a Hiwatt

Keef's used a few amps over the years. Mesa/Boogie Mark I, Fender Champ, Bassman, a Twin once (I think?) and probably others. You're fine if you get an American-voiced amp in general, depending on what era of Stones sound you're looking for.

What you're going to really want is a Telecaster, that's a key element of most Stones songs.
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^^ Indeed. Hum in the neck and Single in the bridge, if you can find one.

I particularly liked what he was doing with the Mark I, but the Champ might be more in your price range (if you're lucky). Also, by "Fender Champ", I don't mean the Superchamp XD or any of the new modelling Champs.
If I were you I would buy some Mexican or Japanese Tele (72 Custom Telecaster or Standard or something) and Fender Champ 5f1 clone (Cox amps or something like that)
telecaster is key. For the 5e3 sound you could get a catalinbread formula 5, burgerman666 has a couple of keef videos on his youtube page and he does a good job. As for the CGNS tone, a good fuzz clone which shouldnt cost more then 150 would do it.
400 for a tele, 150 for a formula 5, 150 for a fuzzbox
and thats worst case scenario for the pedals at a total of 700