I have the head, it has 6L6s in the power section instead of EL34s. Very British flavored amp, but with a much bigger bottom end like you would expect from a Mesa. I use it with a prs and 1960A cab. Sounds amazing. I've used it for everything from playing at church to hard rock/metal gigs and it delivers. Unfortunately, I need something else for my current situation so I'm posting it for sale. I'd love to trade for an eleven rack with the fbc1010 with UNO or an axe-fx. In the interest of full disclosure, there are 2 flaws, one is the headshell was damaged in shipping. I used metal strapping to hold it together and it has been hauled all over as it is and it's still holding strong. I'd be happy to include a roll of it if you'd like. The other is the 3-way switch on the front that's a channel selector switch, it won't go to clean, but the footswitch is included so it's not really an issue since you can use it to change channels.

Asking 900 shipped and pp'd CON US. Feel free to make an offer, worst I can do is say no. If you're local and can pick it up and pay cash, I can make a better deal than if I have to ship. Just throwing that out there. Can supply references on other forums as well as perfect eBay feedback as a buyer and seller (vintagekramerguy) anyway, if you have any questions send me a message. If you would feel better talking on the phone prior to buying/trading shoot me a message and let me know and I'll send you my number.

Anyway, I guess that pretty much sums it up. Here's a pic sitting on top of my red jcm800 cab (which is NOT included in the sale but I might consider parting with for the right price (that would be REALLY high haha)

And here's me playing on the ultra channel, prs straight in running the Marshall cab playing with a backing track from guitarbackingtracks.com