So been playing about 6-7 years, give or take, and I can play pretty decently. The main problem I've been having lately is high speeds triplets from, you guessed it, almost any metal song in the universe. I took a long break from metal and I'm back to it but can't get the god damned triplet "chugging" down in most metal songs.

What would be a good way to get it, in addition to practicing? Are there exercises I can do for my picking hand? This problem has also passed into my economy picking as I have been alternate picking for the past year.

2nd question is what is the best way to reduce string buzz when tapping? I've been learning Chris Broderick's Betcha Can't Play This and the string buzz like a mother. Should I just turn down the gain on my pedal? I can do the tapping just fine but the buzz kills it regardless.

Thanks in advance for anyone attempting to
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The buzz is not an EQ problem it sounds like your guitar needs a good set up.
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Now just for clarification in question one are you talking about the galloping technique
which consists of S-S-E, S-S-E,

Or actual triplets with a rhythmic count of 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a

I've come across a lot of people getting the two term confused