so i recently replace the pickups on my ibanez rg1550mz with some dimarzios. they didn't sound like they weren't splitting. after taking them to a guitar store they said the five way switch on the guitar didn't support splitting of dimarzio pickups. is this true? and why?
A five way switch will definitely work with dimarzio splitting. What are they talking about? I'm sure its no different than the splitting in my RG2EX2.
ok this was dw music in Canberra. i got them to replace my pickups (v7, s1, v8) with an dimarzio paf joe, area 67 and fred. when i got it back they sounded way out of phase and like they weren't splitting, so i took it back. i assumed they were using SD colourings for the wiring and didn't realise dimarzios reversed the hot and ground. any way i got a call today and they said the reason it wasn't splitting was that the 5 way 'didn't support splitting of dimarzio'

frankly that sounded somewhat like crap so i needed to make sure.
i pretty much just wanted those three pickups in exact same setup the original ones were in. that is all. i honestly should have done it myself, but i already paid them.
Go back and complain in person. Be respectful but explain the situation to them, if that gets nowhere ask for the manager and tell them the whole thing. All you've got to lose is your breath, but one pissed off customer means a lot of lost business for them, but if they can't figure out how an ibanez 5-way works differently than most than they probably don't deserve that kind of business anyways.