Ok i know if you place a DI box between the head and cab you have to have one that "supports" the load.
But if i placed the DI box in the effect loop on the head would it produce the same results?

Probably not, the FX loops normally expects you to plug output into the input and then into the head.
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I don't see why not, though it probably won't sound like how you want it. It will probably have that "recorded direct" sound, as there will be no cabinet emulation or anything.

The other thing that might happen, depending on the quality of the DI box you use, is that tapping a line out of that path in the effects loop might suck out some of the "oomph" of the signal going back into the amp.

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You're supposed to put the DI before the input to the head. DI's are meant to see instrument level signals- not line level like it would see if you used the fx out.