I'm getting a new acoustic guitar (Nylon only); I'm not really sure what to get though. So, I’ve got two little questions:

1. What is the BEST acoustic guitar?
2. 2. WHY?

There isn't one
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its the one that feels right in your hands, and sounds good to your ears.
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As the guys say, there is no such animal. First, there are many different types of acoustic guitars, with very different characteristics.
Even if you pick one particular type, like dreadnaught-sized steel-string flat-tops... There still wouldn't be a "best". Some folks like a powerful bass, some like a more balanced tone. Some like a ringing sustain, others find that annoying.
You get the picture. Likely you could isolate what was the "most expensive" commercially-made guitar, but that wouldn't make it the "best".
Seriously bro. Haven't you checked out the "What guitar is right for you?" sticky? Waste of a thread.
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As far as the best acoustic guitar, I must say that anything that's built by Wayne Henderson is great! While I don't own one of his guitars personally (as they are very hard to get...) I've played several and they sound better than any martin I've ever played.
there are two guys generally considered to be the best luthiers in the world, so maybe some would consider their guitars to be the "best" -

they are ervin s0mogyi
who actually give professional luthiers workshops

and kevin ryan

on the other hand, everyone has different taste or everyone buying a guitar who had the money would go to these two builders. as far as non-custom guitars, there's definitely not a single best guitar or brand. i have friends who spend thousands on guitars, and they don't choose the same one. i myself sold a $2300 to buy an $800 guitar that sounded and felt better to me.

even in more budget guitars, there are so many differences in tone - brighter or warmer, cleaner or more overtones, and many tonal colors. and then there's the width and shape of the neck, body size. some guitars have a more transparent sound where others have more distinct tonal characteristics, and so on.

i think wayne henderson is a good builder but most of the reason he's considered by some to be the best is because of the book, clapton's guitar. he makes martin clones only, but there are other really good martin clone makers like bill collings and santa cruz guitars.

the list goes on and on -- james goodall makes astounding guitars, some feel froggy bottom are the best, but i didn't like the 3 i played at all. george lowden makes very nice guitars, as does michael baranik. then there are up and coming luthiers like steve sheriff of edwinson lutherie, who is making my guitar.
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