Hey guys so I've just started my acoustic sessions at the local bistro/cafe. Anyway, I want your suggestions for good songs to play in a 'chatty' environment. Not too loud, but for them to hear it over other peoples talking.
so just give me a few songs, im playing to ages 21+ I think on average. It's a mature bar.

Here is my setlist atm

Is This Love- Bob Marley
Tomorrow- Silverchair
These Days- Powderfinger
Pineapple Head- Crowded House
All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix
Everlong- Foo Fighters
Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana
We Are The People- Empire Of the Sun
Space Odditty- David Bowie
Cats In The Cradle- Harry Chapin (Ugly Kid Joe influenced cover thou)
-=Set 1 finish=-
Hellejujah- Jeff Buckley version
Dont Dream Its Over- Crowded House
Straight Lines- Silverchair
Bed's Are Burning- Midnight Oil
Every Rose Has It's Thorn- Poison
Creep- Radiohead
Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie
Yesterday- The Beatles
-=Set 2 finish=-
ENCORE: Yellow Submarine
With the information you've given, I'm not sure that's a very good setlist. When people are out, they want to hear music they know, and you're playing multiple songs by bands I've never even heard of.

Just my 2 cents.

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I agree. Why not throw in a couple songs or so from the Top 20 on the Billboard to spice it up too?
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Look up John Mayer-style acoustic stuff (Like Good Love is on the Way acoustic.) That stuff always works well in chill places.
If it's creative, true to your musical goal, and it sounds good, put it in the song.

1. Guitar, delay, verb, amp, and creativity.
2. Well-tuned acoustic piano and creativity.
3. A bottle of water.
oh and by the way, I am From a country called Australia, its like down under the US kk?
Mumford and sons, great band, and fun songs to play, and sing. People usually appreciate them, too.
More beatles, RHCP, Bob dylan, etc etc..
Cheers the first person to actually say some bands! Yeah I was going to do by the way by RCHP, but I think Under the bridge. Could you please suggest some bob dylan songs, I dont know much from him!
For Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone, Blowing In the Wind are two of his biggest, most recognizable songs. Also I love the inclusion of Crowded House! One of my favorite bands!

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Great subject,

Incubus - Drive
Cold - Suffocate
Foo Fighers - Everlong
Incubus - Pardon Me
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Tonic - If you could only see
Candlebox - Far behind
Flaw - Only the Strong (They do a version of this on Piano as well personal fav)
Dry Kill Logic - No Reason (good acoustic song check it)
Chevelle - The Red
Give Jamestown Story's stuff a listen. It's pretty much ALL acoustic guitar/piano and vocal based. They do use some pretty strange tunings though, but it works well for their songs. Also, do some Journey! Everyone loves Journey! *starts humming Don't Stop Believing*
i'd do resist by rush, if you look up the acoustic version its pretty damn awesome, also maybe something like hey you or wish you were here and also some zeppelin
Andrew Bird's acoustic stuff.

So pretty much, all Andrew Bird.
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oh and by the way, I am From a country called Australia, its like down under the US kk?

They did not know that you are from Australia. No need to be an ass about it. If you want to be technical, Australia is not down under the U.S. It is kind of down under east Asia.

That said, incubus have some good songs that translate well to acoustic. "I am the Highway" by Audioslave is a good acoustic song as well.
Imagine - John Lennon

I've played lots of shows with that, and I've never had anyone not like it (that I know of)
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Check out some chill songs/artists.
(Very beachy, relax kind of feel)

Andrew Allen
- I wanna be your Christmas, and One more night <<< These are recommended songs to listen to first.

Jason Mraz
- Geek in the Pink, I'm yours, etc...

John Mayer
- Slow Dancing in a burning room, Gravity, etc...

Jer Coons
- Legs, etc...

Rise Against
- Swing Life Away

VersaEmerge and Blake Harnage
- Let go (Cover of frou frou's song by Blake), Fixed at Zero, There are also other nice acoustic covers by them.

- A certain shade of green

- (Most of their songs sound good acoustic)

The Fray
- Over my head, Heartless (Original by Kanye)

- Only One, etc...

I'll get back to you when I get some more 'kay?
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oh and by the way, I am From a country called Australia, its like down under the US kk?

Then you must play some Olivia Newton John.

Seriously, the "Top 40" wherever you are is a good suggestion.

No worries!
Check out some chill songs/artists.
(Very beachy, relax kind of feel)

Rise Against
- Swing Life Away

YES!!!!!!!!!!! RISE AGAINST IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway that would be my choices for an acoustic setting
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oh and by the way, I am From a country called Australia, its like down under the US kk?

The condescending tone is completely unnecessary "m8". Thanks for assuming the US education system omits an entire continent from our system.

I'll now pass on helping you improve your shabby playlist and go back to listen to my primitive American music now.
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